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If you had to explain dating in 2017 to a time traveler from the 1950s, what would you say?

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"I would explain texting first, and how it takes five minutes now for people to decide they want to hook up," says comedian Nikki Glaser.

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"I would tell women, 'Buckle up, bitch, this is not going to be a fun ride.'" Glaser, 32, has made a professional study of dating sites like Tinder and the hookup culture that experts say has reshaped many people's sex lives. For past generations, relationship milestones meant things like "going steady." Today's relationships can strike up after a few minutes of text chats. Dating apps are so commonplace now that swipe rht, the way you show you like someone on Tinder, has become part of our everyday language.

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And since nearly everything is done using an app on a phone, "you can have a relationship with someone and never hear their voice," Glaser says. "Swipe rht" now means "anytime you make a good choice or approve of something," according to Urban Dictionary.

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